With technological solutions such as IDI provides, it is critical, and even imperative that we have a healthy and productive ongoing relationship with our clients. In this way we can provide the service and support you expect and need for this important facet of your business.
Customer Service

By phone, fax, e-mail or face-to-face, your IDI representative is immediately and responsive to your needs. For example, although our systems are designed to be as failsafe as possible, there are times in which maximizing your system uptime is an immediate need. Your service advisor is always available to you for these situations. IDI technicians are dispatched to your location nationwide for all trouble shooting and fixes within a 48 hour time frame.

Plus, we avail you of up-to-the minute technologies that will positively impact the effectiveness of your security measures.


In order to get your system up and running in the shortest time possible, IDI offers full installation and training with all printers and associated software we sell. This also includes up-to-the-minute updating of all system software versions. Our technicians will also migrate our solutions seamlessly into existing systems supporting any client-site customized databases. Our installation services also extend into the exporting and importing of any information to databases, as well as the development of ID systems on a LAN or WAN with multiple ID stations.


We believe in the concept of an educated client. Most of our systems are extremely easy to understand and maintain. To this end, IDI provides full training on all equipment we sell. Our technicians take each customer through an intense step-by-step training session to ensure that all clients are taking advantage of their system's full potential. After training, we provide FREE phone support and additional training. Additionally, we provide full documentation for your review and use. So whether it's customizing your database, creating an ID card and more, if you have a question or problem, simply call us toll-free.

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To provide a security functionality that is as undisturbed as possible, IDI provides top quality FREE loaner systems for all customers with Fargo, Polaroid and Eltron PVC printers… all within 24 hours of your call.

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Our ultimate goal is to create the most valuable relationship possible with our customers. We understand that value is a price/performance issue. We already have the best performance in equipment and people. For price, we offer the lowest prices on all equipment and supplies… guaranteed. And if you find a lower price, simply document it, and we'll match it… no questions asked.

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We keep a huge inventory on all standard supplies to assure that you can get your merchandise as quickly a possible. Our EverStock program can also provide auto replenishment programs based on either predefined schedule or historical usage.

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