Providing an enterprise security effort with necessary redundancies is a prime directive of IDI. We work with proven partners in all facets of security-from access control to closed circuit TV to biometrics to guard services and more-and have the processes and technologies to seamlessly integrate these solutions with our card and badge identification systems.
Hardware/Access Control

Our partners stock a wide range of reliable brand name products in their individual discipline, all designed to work in concert with IDI systems and programs.


We carefully screen each and every partner to ensure that the same level of service you've come to expect from IDI is present throughout your security solutions.

Software (Data Collection)

Our card data systems tie into existing and new time and attendance data collection systems to maximize your entity's productivity, and ensure that payroll is as accurate as possible.


Currently the most advanced supplement to the ID card for organizations in need of the most secure facilities available… biometrics are automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. Among the features measured are: face, fingerprints, hand geometry, handwriting, iris, retinal, vein, and voice. Used in conjunction with an ID card, biometrics can be one of the most effective ways to ensure everyone entering your organization belongs there.

Metal Detectors

Metal detectors address an issue most other security systems cannot… what people bring into a facility. The best method of integrating a metal detector is with use of a security guard who checks an ID and then monitors what the recognized individual is carrying.

Closed Circuit TV

Whether analog or digital, closed circuit television allows for monitoring a building's traffic on a much broader scale, 24 hours a day, and maintains a record for latter inquiry. Along with the dynamic data capture of an individual's ID, CCTV delivers a visual and electronic clarification of who did what and how.

Alarm Systems

One of the most traditional security methods, alarms are a still widely-used means of protecting organizations before and after working hours. A must-have for all companies or institutions; alarms do not offer any assistance during business hours and is therefore best supplemented with ID's.

Security Guards

Security guards add another layer of safety for organizations looking to supplement their existing systems. A human being can often reinforce existing systems and provide a back-up and deterrent to those looking to beat these systems. However, the value they provide can be enhanced by an ID card, allowing the guard to compare the face on the card to the individual's face.

Debit Systems

Used in conjunction with individuals' personal accounts, debit systems can also add a layer of security to department or individual spending, for areas such as copy-making or fulfillment/borrowing services. Debit cards work best with dynamic information systems that can provide real-time visibility of who has bought or borrowed what and when. An ID card with a debit feature ensures that the right person is using the right card.

Access Control Systems

Automated access controls have come to replace keys, which can be copied and allow entry 24/7. The most comprehensive access control systems allow for individualized control per person for different areas of a building during different days and time of day as well as automatic data capture of when individuals enter and exit. Access controls work best when integrated with an ID card, ensuring that the right person has the right access privileges.

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