Today it is incumbent upon every business or organization to protect its employees, guests, customers, and others from danger, fraud, and misrepresentation. Even with the most exacting security measures, there is no better methodology than visual or visual/electronic identification.
Employee/Visitor ID

This basic requirement ensures that the right people are in the correct place within your organization only at times designated by you. Standard or oversized photo ID badges help verify identities in these situations.

Access Badge

This provides immediate entry by those individuals who are pre-assigned to be in particular areas at particular times. Visual Identification only enhances this functionality by ensuring that the person using the access badge is the person who is designated to use the badge.

Member ID

From health clubs to ski areas to ballparks to warehouse clubs and more, visual identification systems help to save money and increase profitability by making sure that the member--and only the member--is using your facilities.

Discount/Promotional/Gift/Loyalty Card

A huge amount of variable data can be embedding into magnetic stripe cards, smart cards, etc. The only issue is making sure that the person carrying the card is the person who owns the card, especially during redemptions.


Applications Summary

  • Phone Cards

  • Calendar Cards

  • Business Cards

  • Promotional Luggage and Key Tags

  • Automated Teller Machine Cards

  • Credit Card Mailing Programs

  • Employee ID Badges

  • VIP Membership Cards

  • Phone Cards

  • Membership Cards

  • Access Control Badges

  • Daycare Child/Teacher Ids

  • Frequent User Programs

  • Promotional Luggage & Key Tags

  • Patient ID Cards

  • Medical Aid Cards

  • Employee ID Badges

  • Access Control Badges

  • Informational Charts

  • Emergency Information Cards

  • Organ Donor Cards

Manufacturing/ Industry
  • Employee ID Badges

  • Access Control Badges

  • Warranty Cards

  • Visitor Badges and Systems

  • Inventory Control Cards

  • Phone Cards

  • Check Cashing Cards

  • Employee ID Badges

  • Loyalty Cards

  • P.O.P. Signs

  • Discount Cards

  • Loyalty Cards

  • Employee ID Badges

  • Fitting Room Tags

  • Cash Register Access Cards

  • Employee ID Badges

  • Access Control Badges

  • CPU Access Cards

  • Parking Area Cards

  • Visitor Badges

  • Phone Cards

  • Student ID Cards

  • Faculty/Staff ID Cards

  • Library/Food Service Cards

  • Promotional Book Marks

  • Discount Cards

  • Athletic Schedule Cards

  • Visitor Badges

  • Club Membership Cards

  • Miniature Diplomas

  • Activity Passes

  • Hotel Door Keys

  • Luggage Tags

  • Phone Cards

  • Frequent Flyer Program Cards

  • Membership Cards

  • Season Park Passes

  • Cruise Line Cards

  • High Roller Cards

  • Employee ID Badges

  • Access Control Badges

  • National IDs

  • Access Control Badges

  • Employee ID Badges

  • Health Cards

  • Welfare Benefit Cards

  • Community Center Cards

  • Transit Passes

  • Military Badges

Sports Marketers
  • Golf Course IDs

  • Personalized Trading Cards

  • Season Schedules

  • Season Ticket/Vending Cards

  • Player Cards

  • Certification Cards

  • Ski Passes

  • Calendar Cards

  • Employee Badges

  • Member Benefit Cards

  • Business Cards

  • Trade Show Passes

  • Novelty Cards

  • Business Cards

  • Artist Sample Cards

  • Senior Citizen Discount Cards


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